Rank Dog Owner # Titles
1 Gaelic's Who Is Lucy's Best Friend DDN DDFO CI CN2 EN2 VN2 EI Julie Sandoval 11
2 Easy To Spot Oh My Heavens DDN VN2 EI Julie Sandoval 7
3 Easy to Spot Always Dream Big CN EN Julie Sandoval 2
3 Lucas Legends Peace and Harmony CN IN Jennifer Jackson 2
4 HiSpot’s Mile High Dream DDCN Jamie Boening 1
4 Stone Hills Man on a Mission DDCN Karen Bergman 1
4 Gchb a Place in the Sun for Bellwether Patchmt CN Pamela Devlin 1
4 Hispots Hawaiian Sunset DDCN Jamie Boening 1
4 Tongwoods Ditto Trippett DDCN Laura Keefe 1
4 Paisley Hammer Down DDCI Kim Mcdonald 1
4 Paisley Hearts Rebounding DDCN Kim Mcdonald 1