Rank Dog Owner # Titles
1 Gibbous Kind of a Big Dill DDN DDDI CI CN2 DDCN2 Jessi Lenahan 10
2 Ch Tova's Miracle Queen of Naboo from Moonshadow EN VN DDCI Jean Mccord 4
3 Tova's Snippet the Whippet of Celeritas CN EN Jean Mackenzie 2
3 Hyflyte Singing in the Rane IN CN Sharon Dunston 2
3 Surrey Hill's a Butter Mousetrap at Mariner IN CN Jean Good 2
4 Surreyhill Diablesse the Morel of the Story DDCN Lauri Austin 1
4 Paragon's Tell Me Something Boy at Windborn DDCN Melanie Berger 1
4 Domino Seven League Boots CN Deb Bouchard 1
4 Unsinkable Thistle and Shamrock DDCN Mary Hope Schoenfeld 1
4 Fiesta Unsinkable Golden Heart VN Mary Hope Schoenfeld 1